Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Bow Wow Live In Concert In rhode Island" 12.18.10

12.18.10 Holiday Hot Night 2010. this video was put together by Bow Wow's video man Rico, who is filming for Bow's "who is shad moss project". I could watch this video over & over & over, just to re-live being at the show. I have been a Bow Wow fan for 10 years and never had the opportunity to see him live :( to say the least the show was amazing. When I see his Dj Jus come on stage to set up I swear i had a mini panic attack, i knew Bow Wow was about to come out ! When he came out I couldn't even take pictures i was shaking so hard. #judgemeifyouwanna , so glad my friend was with me, she got some good pictures :) the show was amazing, Bow is one hell of a performer. My next task is to meet him lol <3

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