Thursday, March 8, 2012

Whats On Your Bucket List ?

At the start of the new year I decided I wanted to make 2012 something to remember, I wanted to look back on 2012 and have it be full of irreplaceable memories. So far I have had a few bumps on the road but am focused on making the rest of the year something to remember.

For those who may not know a bucket list is a list of activities you want to take part in before you die. I had been following a page on tumblr for a while that is a compilation of task people all over the world have on their bucket list. If you are on tumblr follow the page to help you start thinking of your own bucket list --

Here is my bucket list

I want to meet:
- Trey Songz
- Sammie
- Bow Wow
- Big Sean
- Kobe Bryant
- Necole Bitchie
- The Kardashians
- Members of Team Bitchie
- Members of Trey's Angels
- Members of LSC
- Members of Bow Wow Nation

I want to travel to:
- Philly
- Vegas
- Miami
- California
- Hawaii
- Caribbean
- Spain
- Jamaica
- Canada

Other Things:
- Attend A Fashion Show
- Watch the sunset on the beach
- Have a fairy tale moment
- Swim with Dolphins
- Go to a Lakers Game
- Kiss at midnight on New Years
- Go on a cruise
- Learn another language fluently
- Send a care package to a U.S. soldier
- Adopt a tea cup yorkie
- Go on a shopping spree on 5th ave
- Go snorkeling
- Receive a hand written love letter
- Go on a road trip with a close group of friends
- Go to a bond-fire
- Kiss under the mistletoe
- Make an official graphic for a celebrity*
- Get an infinity tattoo
- Get matching tattoos with someone

I will be staring (*) the things I have completed. As you can see "make an official graphic" is started. At the begining of the year I had the pleasure of becoming a member of Team Bow Wow Nation and they are Bow Wow's official street team, the last time Bow Wow took over 106 and park the team put together a promo mix tape and one of the promo designs I had made for them was used as the cover to the mix tape.

I can not wait to cross more things off of this list. I may not be able to finish the whole list this year but i do plan on doing everything on this list as well as adding or making a new list.