Thursday, March 8, 2012

Whats On Your Bucket List ?

At the start of the new year I decided I wanted to make 2012 something to remember, I wanted to look back on 2012 and have it be full of irreplaceable memories. So far I have had a few bumps on the road but am focused on making the rest of the year something to remember.

For those who may not know a bucket list is a list of activities you want to take part in before you die. I had been following a page on tumblr for a while that is a compilation of task people all over the world have on their bucket list. If you are on tumblr follow the page to help you start thinking of your own bucket list --

Here is my bucket list

I want to meet:
- Trey Songz
- Sammie
- Bow Wow
- Big Sean
- Kobe Bryant
- Necole Bitchie
- The Kardashians
- Members of Team Bitchie
- Members of Trey's Angels
- Members of LSC
- Members of Bow Wow Nation

I want to travel to:
- Philly
- Vegas
- Miami
- California
- Hawaii
- Caribbean
- Spain
- Jamaica
- Canada

Other Things:
- Attend A Fashion Show
- Watch the sunset on the beach
- Have a fairy tale moment
- Swim with Dolphins
- Go to a Lakers Game
- Kiss at midnight on New Years
- Go on a cruise
- Learn another language fluently
- Send a care package to a U.S. soldier
- Adopt a tea cup yorkie
- Go on a shopping spree on 5th ave
- Go snorkeling
- Receive a hand written love letter
- Go on a road trip with a close group of friends
- Go to a bond-fire
- Kiss under the mistletoe
- Make an official graphic for a celebrity*
- Get an infinity tattoo
- Get matching tattoos with someone

I will be staring (*) the things I have completed. As you can see "make an official graphic" is started. At the begining of the year I had the pleasure of becoming a member of Team Bow Wow Nation and they are Bow Wow's official street team, the last time Bow Wow took over 106 and park the team put together a promo mix tape and one of the promo designs I had made for them was used as the cover to the mix tape.

I can not wait to cross more things off of this list. I may not be able to finish the whole list this year but i do plan on doing everything on this list as well as adding or making a new list.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Introducing: DECADE of SONGZ

This list is to capture all the music you may or may not have of Trey Songz at one time. If you have something in your play list that you do not see on this list , do not be afraid to send and email to and let us know what is missing, make sure to use DECADE of SONGZ and the subject in your email. Make sure to keep checking back as well since this list will continually be updated as Trey Songz blesses our ears with new music.


I Gotta Make It
A Message From Aretha
Gotta Make It ( ft. Twista)
Cheat On You
Gotta Go
All The Ifs
Ur Behind
From A Woman's Hand
Kinda Lovin'
Comin' For You
Just Wanna Cut (prelude)
Just Wanna Cut
In The Middle
Make Love Tonight
Hatin Love
Gotta Go Reprise
Gotta Make It Remix ( Aretha Franklin & Juvenille)

Trey Day
Intro: Trey Day( ft. Bun B)
Long Gone Missin'
Wonder Woman
No Clothes On
Sex For Yo Stereo
Last Time
Cant Help But Wait
Grub On
Fly Together(ft. Jim Jones)
Store Run
Missin' you
Role Play
We Should Be
Are You A Performa (Bonus Track)

Intro: Panty Droppa
Neighbors Know My Name
Invented Sex ( ft. Drake)
I Need A Girl
One Love
Does He Do It
Say Aah (ft. Fabolous)
LOL :) (ft. Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy)
Ready To Make Luv
Jupiter Love
Be Where You Are
Successful( ft. Drake)
Black Roses
Love Lost
Holla If You Need Me
Yo Side Of The Bed

Passion Pain Pleasure
Here We Go Again (intro)
Love Faces
Bottoms Up ( ft. Nicki Minaj)
Pain (interlude)
Can't Be Friends
Please Return My Call
Made To Be Together
Pleasure (interlude)
Red Lipstick
Unusual ( ft. Drake)
Passion (interlude)
You Just Need Me
Panty Droppa (The Complete Edition)
Love Me Better(Bonus Track)

Chapter V (available 8.21.12)

Chapter V (intro)
Dive In
Panty Wetter (interlude)
Heart Attatck
Playin Hard
2 Reasons (ft. T.I.)
Hail Mary
Don't Be Scared
Pretty Girls Lie
Bad Decisions
Forever Yours
Inside  (interlude)
Without A Woman
Interlude 4 U
Simply Amazing
Never Again
Check Me Out (ft. Meek Mill)
Ladies Go Wild (B
Almost Lose It (Bonus Track)


Up Close and Ready
One Love
Cant Help But Wait
Last Time
I Need A Girl
Gotta Go

MTV Unplugged (Live)
Panty Droppa
Neighbors Know My Name
Invented Sex // Let's Get It On
I Need A Girl
Use Somebody
Black Roses
Say Aah
A Change is Gonna Come

Top Of The World
What I Be On (feat. Fabolous)
I Do
Outside, Pt. 1
Sex Ain't Better Than Love

Official Mixtapes

Young and Heartless Vol. 1

You Can Get It
On Fire (freestyle)
Lean Back (freestyle)
Let Me In (freestyle)
Why (freestyle)
Whatchu Boucin It Fa
Choice Is Yours
Doing My Job
Where were You (Woman's Hand Remix)
Trey Songz Speaks
It's the Life Of
Ghetto People
Only You Allure (Freestyle)
In Da Middle
U So Hot

Young and Heartless Vol. 2

Real Niggaz
Uh-Oh (G.O.) 
Fuck Whoeva hatin' (Fynch Money Baggz)
Dreams Freestyle
Ooh Freestyle
Da King and Da Prince Freestyle
My Life
Never Run
Hood Rules Apply
Some Mo Cut (Carl Thomas)
Your Behind
U Already Know
In The Closer Response
Game We Play
Got Me Trippin
Just Gotta Make It (Twista)
Get Up Off Me (Fynch Money Baggz)

The Ladies Choice
Wonder Woman
1 Day (ft. Flawless)
Make U A Star
Are U A Performa (ft. Young Joc and Mumeet Daddy)
Itz Songz Snitches (skit)
Itz Songz Snitches
Buy U a Drink
What Trey Been Up To(skit)
80 Flow (The 804 Boyz)
The Come Up
Warriors (ft. Fynch Money Baggz
Exclusive (skit)
Fly 2Gether (ft. Jim Jones)
I’m A Flirt (ft. R Kelly and T-Pain)
We Taking Over (ft. Fynch Money Baggz)
Yes Im Fresh (ft. Fynch Money Baggz)
2 Up 2 Down Freestyle (ft. Fynch Money Baggz)
Whats It Gonna Be Shawty
Trying to get at u girl
Album drop (skit)
Like a boy (feat. Ciara)
look at her (remix) (feat. Once chance Bobby Valentino and Lloyd)
Replacement Girl (feat. Drake)
Different (feat. Brandon Hines)
Gotta Go (bonus Track)

The Ladies Choice 2
Intro live from Japan
Trey Day instores now skit
Can’t Help But Wait
U Got It
Street Life
Gone til the morning
My girls got a Girlfriend (remix)
Shawty (remix)
Play Something freaky (skit)
Still hurt
Fades Away
Last Time
Last Time (skit)
Missin you
Missin u (skit)
Shorty is a Ten
Play some mixtape shit (skit)
Trey Freestyle
Watch what Trey Say
Feel like spitting (skit)
Brooklyn Freestyle
Barry Bonds
Songz Magic
Ignorant shit

Da King and Da Prince: Mumeet Daddy & Trey Songz
Cant Fall
Feels So Good
Game (freestyle)
Get Dat Money
Go Crazy (Mumeet Daddy remix)
Gynia Clap
Holla At Your Boy
Imma Gynia Bo
Imma King Mu and Trey
In My Urban
King and the Prince intro
Let Us Pray
Mari-Mu (freestyle)
Feels So Good
Radio Ourto

Up South: The 804 Boyz
Fear Factor Intro
Stackin' My Paper
Getcha Hate On
VA Anthem
Im 2 Cool
Show Ya Money
Real Talk
Get The Fuck Out
I Been A "G"
Virginia Royalty
La Pearla
Young Money
What Im About

Genisis: the Birth Of Songz
The Birth Of Songz
Trey Songz I love You
Most Important
My Love
If It Was Yesterday
Dopest Chick
It’s About The Game
You Are To Me
I Don’t Love U
Ya Never Know
The Room Interlude
You Da Chick
You Da Best
Girl I’m Gone
From A Woman’s Hand
Far From Gone
Wendy Chung Interview
Pimp A Lot
What Do You Want
Woman’s Hand remix

In My Mind
Cassie Freestyle
Ring The Alarm
Push It
Who You Wit
Are You A Performa (ft. Mumeet)
How Does it Feel
Young Girl
Da Prince
Can I Have It Like That
Hip Hop Freestyle
Dat Nigga
La Pearla (ft. Fynch Money Baggz)
Natural Born Hustlers (ft. Akon)
Young Money (ft. 804 boyz)
Trey Songz Freestyle

Oceans 7: 3000 and 9 Shit
Ain’t I
Diddy Skit
Too Much Swag
I Need That Girl
Where’s The Love
Owe Me Sex
It’s Amazing
Day And Night
Vegas Is Our Town
Vegas Baby

Scratchin' Me Up
Does She Know
You Belong To Me
More Than That
On Top
It Would Be
Make It Rain
Yo Side Of The Bed
She Aint My Girl (ft. Sammie)
Successful (live)

Gone Too Long
Runaway - Trigga Mix
Fuck Wit You No More - Trigga Mix
Aston Martin - Trigga Mix
Just Not Fair
Dont Forget Ya Ring
Right Above It - Trigga Mix
Sk Shit
Whatever You Want
For Y'all
Hate Me Now - Trigga Mix
May I
Monster - Trigga Mix
Maybe - Trigga Mix
Another One - Trigga Mix
Ten 4

Anticipation 2
Find A Place
Still Scratchin Me Up
When We Make Love
Me 4 U (Infidelity 2)
Don't Judge
Inside part 2
Good Feelings
Bomb (a.p)
Flights & Skype
Girl At Home
French Kiss
Girl On Girl
U Should Roll
Top Of The World

LemmeHolDatBeat 2
Jackin' For Beats
Roots Of All Evil
Dont Love Me
She Will
Real Freak
A-Wall Shit
Mine Gone
Lap Dance (HEAUX)
Ass - Mr. Nice Watch - That Way
Whoever Else
Beat nutz
The Whole World
I Got It
In Africa
Nightmare At The Bottom

6 Foot 7 Foot
A Milli
Addicted To Songz
All The Way Turnt Up
Always Twisted
Around The Way Girl
Bad News
Bandz To Make Her Dance
Barry Bonds
Best I Ever Had
Blame It
Boyfriend #2
Bust My Windows
Cuddy Buddy
Day and Night
Eat It Up
Every Girl
First Date Sex
Get My Money
Gotta Believe It
Got Money
Gucci Gucci
I Dont Like
I Wanna Rock
Ignorant Shit
I'm So Paid
It's Songz Snitches
Lil Freak
Living My Life
Live Ya Life
Me and You
Must Be Love
Never Ever
Paper Planes
Pop Rose
Pop That
Rocking That Thang
Say You Will
She Will
Shot Caller
Shoulda Been A Rapper
So Sophisticated
Songz Lock Down
Songz Magic
Songz Medly
Songz Pain
Swagga Like Songz
The Machine
Trapped In The Closet
Trigga Shot Caller
Wake Up
What Them Girls Like
Whatever You Like
You Already Know


Absolute Heat
All My Life
Already Taken
Anything You Want
Are You A Performa (ft. Young Joc)
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Big Spender
Brand New
Business & Pleasure
Can't Help But Wait Remix (ft. Lil Wayne)
Can't Help But Wait Remix (ft. Plies)
Club Lesson
Dear Jayne
Delivery Boy
Die Tonight
Dont Wanna Come Down
Fades Away
Far From Gone
Feelin Like Money
Feeling Myself
First Love
For The Sake Of Love
Fucking With you
Fuck You
Give A Little
I Need A Girl Remix (ft. Fabolous & Teyana Taylor)
I Refuse
I Want You
If It's Hood That You Want
Im Right Here
In Love
In Ya Phone (ft. fabolous)
Invented Sex (ft. Usher and Keri Hilson)
Lets Chill
Love Aint Love No More
Love Safari
Love Song
Make Moves
Make U A Star
Me First
Moving Up
Murder She Wrote
My Love
Not Too Ghetto
Never Enough Time f. Johnta Austin
Off In The Sunset
On Christmas
Only Girl
Only you
Pack Ya Bags
Pimp Alot
Set Of Wings
She Just Wanna Dance (ft. Drake)
Show Me Love
Slow Down
Still Hurt
Street Life
Takes Time To Love
Take Me Home
Talk About The Girls
Thats My Word
The Ones You Love
The Stupid Things
This Christmas
Thug It
Til The Day I Dies
Uh Huh
We Need To Roll (ft. Joe)
What You Are To Me
Without You
Yes I'm Fresh
You Girl
You Got It You Never Know


50/50 Love (Trina)
Bait (Wale, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross)
Be The One (Lloyd)
Beat It Up (Gucci Mane)
Bed (J. Holiday)
Bedroom G (Sammie)
Breathe (Lloyd Banks)
Bust it Baby (Plies)
Buy You A Drank (T-Pain)
Da Baddest (Big Kuntry King)
Diced Pineapples (Fabolous)
Dream (The Game)
Drink It Straight (Gucci Mane)
Drink On Me (Bei Maejor)
Drop It Low Remix (Chris Brown, Diddy & Lil Wayne)
Face Down (Meek Mill, Wale, Sam Sneaker)
Fly Together (Red Cafe, Wale & J.Cole)
Freaky As She Wanna Be (Dem Franchise Boys)
Freaky Deaky (Flo Rida)
Ghetto (Obie Trice)
Girl Tonight (Twista)
Give Ya (Drake)
Heart Of A Solider (Ebony Eyez)
Hold U Down (Bun B)
Hood Love (Maino)
Hood Love (Mary J. Blidge)
Hot Chick (Ebony Eyez)
I Ain't Playin (Bow Wow)
I Dont Really Care(Waka Flocka)
I Got To Get It (Topic)
I Know you Know (Juvenile)
I Need Your Love (Ace Hood)
If It Aint About Money (Fat Joe)
If You My Nigga (Lloyd Banks)
Im The Shit (Dj S-Class & Jermaine Dupri)
Im Da Man (Plies)
Inseperable (Mariah Carey)
International (Estelle & Chris Brown)
Jingle Bells (Flo Rida)
Kitty Kitty (Plies)
Kitty Kitty (Tommy Star)
Last Time (Fabolous)
Lay Up (NMeek Mill, Wale and Rick Ross)
Look At Her (One Chance)
Love 4 Money (Dj Drama)
Mama (Obie Trice)
Missin Your Kisses (Raptile)
No Make Up (Huey)
No. 1 (Rick Ross and Diddy)
Oh My (Dj Drama)
Oh Yeah (T.I)
One Night (Yung Berg)
Out Of My Head (Lupe Fiasco)
Pain In My Life (Saigon)
Pop Rose (Drake)
Pretty Brown Eyes (Amerie)
Put It On My Tab (Sammie)
Real G'z (AllenBoy)
Ride (Ace Hood)
Ride Remix (Ace Hood)
Ridin Dirty (Paul Wall)
Sex Faces (Ludacris & Lil Wayne)
Sex Room (Ludacris)
Shawty (Plies)
Shawty Is A 10 (the Dream)
She Wanna Have My Baby (The Game)
So High (Trick Daddy)
Spend It (Fabolous)
Streets Wont Let Me Die (2 Pistols)
Summer In Miami (Jim Jones)
Supplier(Shawty Lo)
Takin It There (Young Jeezy)
The Way You Move (Ne-Yo & Fabolous)
This Is The Life (Rick Ross)
Thug It To The Bone (Lil Scrappy)
Trouble (Bei Maejor , T-Pain & J.Cole)
Understand Me (Karina Pasian)
Wait (Chris Brown &The Game)
We Global (Dj Khaled)
When I Dies (Allen Boy)
Ya Heard Me (B.G)
Yesterday (Toni Braxton)
Your Love (Dirty Money)

I Hope you all enjoy the list and it helps you complete your play list. Make sure you to keep checking back :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kardashian Kolor

I have been waiting for this nail polish collection FOREVER ! The Kardashian Girls teamed up with Nicole by OPI to bring the world Kardashian Kolors. In the light of Kim's recent divorce from Kris, the tweets from Kourtney & Khloe about the Kardashian colors finally being released was WAY more interesting to me. The collection comes in a variety of colors that are named after the girls themselves. This is being considered the Holiday collection so if you are looking for a new nail polish to debut on Thanksgiving or Christmas I recommend checking out this collection.

The collection is available in 14 colors. (which are a lot more vibrant in person than in the picture) I myself have so far bought My Empire My Rule , Khloe had a little Lam-Lam and All Kendall-ed up. I have to say I love all 3 colors. My favorite of the 3 and I think will be my favorite of the whole collection is Khloe had a little Lam-Lam, it is color I have never seen before in nail polish collections, a deep forrest green which is perfect for the holiday season. I think it would look really amazing if you pair it with one of the sparkle colors on top. I also do love My Empire My Rule, I am a sucker for taupe colors between the two I am all set for the season with nail colors. I do like All Kendall-ed up but for me it is way more of a summer color, since it is more of a hot pink. The polishes themselves are of great quality, they apply really easily and two coats will do you just fine (maybe even one) I also like the fact that they dry rather quickly. The polishes can be found at your local Wal-Mart, I paid $7.00 per nail polish which is a good price for an OPI.

For more information in the collection head over to

If you have tried to collection let me know what your favorite color ? && send me pictures of you nails :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dear Future Boyfriend

First things, first we will be taking a picture like this so please have your fave sneakers ready :) Know that I am a simple girl and the little things are what make me happy. I want to be your main support system, no matter what course you pick on life, if you are serious about it I will support you, when you feel no one does ; just promise you will do the same for me. I LOVE taking picture so photogenic or not be prepared to take pictures with me 24/7 not because I want to post every last one of them on face book (some will be posted tho) but because I want to capture every amazing moment we have together. I am a music fiend so sing to me, even if you cant sing just to it to make me smile. I'm a texter, so expect little text through out the day when I get bored or just to tell you I miss you. Watching movies is something I love to so, so lets buy hella junk food, grab some movies and cuddle up all day just to enjoy each others company. I will probably talk you head off because that is just what I do (feel free to tell me to shut up lol) but when I am really quiet and don't want to say anything, don't think I don't want you around because that is exactly what I want, I just want you to be there for when I am ready to talk. My job is extremely aggravating at time, can you do me a favor ? visit me if you have nothing better to do - make my day a little brighter. Don't worry I will visit you at work too :). I don't really know what else to say except I am ready to see what the future has in store for us & all of the memorable moment we are going to have together.

Hope your ready for me ,
Future Girlfriend

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Bow Wow Live In Concert In rhode Island" 12.18.10

12.18.10 Holiday Hot Night 2010. this video was put together by Bow Wow's video man Rico, who is filming for Bow's "who is shad moss project". I could watch this video over & over & over, just to re-live being at the show. I have been a Bow Wow fan for 10 years and never had the opportunity to see him live :( to say the least the show was amazing. When I see his Dj Jus come on stage to set up I swear i had a mini panic attack, i knew Bow Wow was about to come out ! When he came out I couldn't even take pictures i was shaking so hard. #judgemeifyouwanna , so glad my friend was with me, she got some good pictures :) the show was amazing, Bow is one hell of a performer. My next task is to meet him lol <3

Monday, June 28, 2010

Trey Songz wins 2010 BET Award for 'Best Male R&B Artist'

I must admit this was my favorite part of the award show. I am sue you asking why , so I am going to tell you. As the whole world knows I have been a fan since 2005, I have seen the journey Trey Songz has gone through to get where he is right now, I have seen him nominated for awards (that he deserved) and did not end up wining, but I knew when he was nominated for 4 BET awards there was no way he would go home empty handed. My reaction to Trey winning was crazy , you would have thought that I won the award, I couldnt speak ; I actual cried. In that moment I was like FINALLY ! It's about time that Trey is getting the recognition he deserves. It has been a long time comin' but he is here to stay.


  • Trey's 10 part docu-series called My Moment has started, it documents his time on the BP3 tour and also the making of his 4th album. Make sure you all tune in Tuesday's at 10 pm on BET.
  • Trey Songz 4th album Passion ; Pain ; Pleasure is set to drop September 14, 2010
  • He will also be on tour with Monica later this summer.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trey Songz's New Video Already Taken

Today on BET's 106 and Park Trey Songz stopped by to premiere his new video 'Already Taken' which is off the Step Up 3D soundtrack which will be out in July (Movie in theatres in August). The concept of the video was mainly dance based, with the cast of the movie performing in the video, but of course with the song being called Already Taken there had to be a 'love interest' in it for Mr. Songz. The 'love interest' in the video is played by dancer Helen Gedlu (who is Trey's ex-girlfriend). Helen did her thing in this video, I had never seen her dance before, atleast never realized it was her ; she has also dance background for Chris Brown. The video was hella cute.

One thing that did suprise me was the reaction from Trey Songz fans once they realized his ex girlfriend was in the video. They were going CRAZY ! people were talking about not liking him anymore, unfollowing him, even thinking he was lying because of the title of the song, but he says he is single. (before the video no one questioned the song title)

I dont know for me I am a big Trey Songz fan (prob one of the biggest you will meet) but for me I do not over-react about the personal life of a celebrity, who they are dating or messing with does not change my support for their music, when you are a fan or a supporter of someone as long as they are happy you are happy, i belive the only time it should really be a concern of your's is when it begins to effect the artist craft.

watch the video && let me know what you think ; i look foward to your comments :)