Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Bow Wow Live In Concert In rhode Island" 12.18.10

12.18.10 Holiday Hot Night 2010. this video was put together by Bow Wow's video man Rico, who is filming for Bow's "who is shad moss project". I could watch this video over & over & over, just to re-live being at the show. I have been a Bow Wow fan for 10 years and never had the opportunity to see him live :( to say the least the show was amazing. When I see his Dj Jus come on stage to set up I swear i had a mini panic attack, i knew Bow Wow was about to come out ! When he came out I couldn't even take pictures i was shaking so hard. #judgemeifyouwanna , so glad my friend was with me, she got some good pictures :) the show was amazing, Bow is one hell of a performer. My next task is to meet him lol <3

Monday, June 28, 2010

Trey Songz wins 2010 BET Award for 'Best Male R&B Artist'

I must admit this was my favorite part of the award show. I am sue you asking why , so I am going to tell you. As the whole world knows I have been a fan since 2005, I have seen the journey Trey Songz has gone through to get where he is right now, I have seen him nominated for awards (that he deserved) and did not end up wining, but I knew when he was nominated for 4 BET awards there was no way he would go home empty handed. My reaction to Trey winning was crazy , you would have thought that I won the award, I couldnt speak ; I actual cried. In that moment I was like FINALLY ! It's about time that Trey is getting the recognition he deserves. It has been a long time comin' but he is here to stay.


  • Trey's 10 part docu-series called My Moment has started, it documents his time on the BP3 tour and also the making of his 4th album. Make sure you all tune in Tuesday's at 10 pm on BET.
  • Trey Songz 4th album Passion ; Pain ; Pleasure is set to drop September 14, 2010
  • He will also be on tour with Monica later this summer.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trey Songz's New Video Already Taken

Today on BET's 106 and Park Trey Songz stopped by to premiere his new video 'Already Taken' which is off the Step Up 3D soundtrack which will be out in July (Movie in theatres in August). The concept of the video was mainly dance based, with the cast of the movie performing in the video, but of course with the song being called Already Taken there had to be a 'love interest' in it for Mr. Songz. The 'love interest' in the video is played by dancer Helen Gedlu (who is Trey's ex-girlfriend). Helen did her thing in this video, I had never seen her dance before, atleast never realized it was her ; she has also dance background for Chris Brown. The video was hella cute.

One thing that did suprise me was the reaction from Trey Songz fans once they realized his ex girlfriend was in the video. They were going CRAZY ! people were talking about not liking him anymore, unfollowing him, even thinking he was lying because of the title of the song, but he says he is single. (before the video no one questioned the song title)

I dont know for me I am a big Trey Songz fan (prob one of the biggest you will meet) but for me I do not over-react about the personal life of a celebrity, who they are dating or messing with does not change my support for their music, when you are a fan or a supporter of someone as long as they are happy you are happy, i belive the only time it should really be a concern of your's is when it begins to effect the artist craft.

watch the video && let me know what you think ; i look foward to your comments :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Neffe && Solo Family Tree

Keyshia Cole's older sister Neffe and he fiance Soullow (Solo) have been filming a reality show that will document the planning or their wedding, their children (&& their new baby) and also the upcoming project both Neffe and Soullow are working on. (Neffe's book , Soullows mentoring program && their joint foundation for children).Before getting excited, the reality show has not been picked up by a network yet, so as of now there no premiere date for the show

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trey Songz : My Moment

TREY SONGZ: MY MOMENT is a 10-part docu-series that follows R&B sensation, Trey Songz, through the history-making Blueprint 3 Tour, to the development of his fourth album, and the anticipation surrounding its release.

Don’t miss the series sneak peek, Sunday, June 27 following the BET Awards, and tune in for the premiere, Tuesday, June 29 at 10 PM/9C.
(via: bet.com)

I dont know about you all, but I CAN'T WAIT

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yo Side Of The Bed

About 6 months ago the internet was going crazy with the behind the scenes footage of Trey Songz's video Yo side Of the Bed, but the behind the scenes footage disappeared and there was no sign of the video, in the mean time Trey Songz release his video for Neighbors Know My Name. Eventhough N.K.M.N was a good video , Trey Songz fans were all over twitter demanding the Y.S.O.T.B video. Then last week the trailor for Yo Side Of The Bed came out, and yesterday May 26th, 2010 the long awaited Yo Side Of The Bed video premiere online.

The video stars Keri Hilson as Trey's wife, and the adorable Mackenzie as their daughter. This video is extremely powerful video. I have been a Trey Songz fan since day one and I believe this is his best video to date. This is how videos should be, there is a real concept , a real message in this video and it will bring a tear to your eye. For the people who are just recently starting to know who Trey Songz is and believe he is only about sex because of the songs that have made him more 'appealing' to everyone, will be proven wrong by this video. If you haven't seen the video already check it out below:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Tattoo Craze .

Browsing through MTO or searching for pictures of celebrities , I have come accross the above pictures. These are just a few of the fans I have found with celebrities tattooed on thier body. As you can see there are Lil Wayne, Nicki Minah, Trey Songz , Drake and Chris Brown. I honestly think this is crazy ! these people are going to have these tattoo's for the rest of their lives. a few of these are in place that for the most part someone can cover up , but I am wondering what homegirl with me '5 Star Chick' tattoo was thinking ?!?! These tattoo's take being a fan to a whole different level. I am a huge Trey Songz && Sammie but I would never tattoo either of thier names on my body. what do you all think ? would you tattoo a celeb on your body ?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trey Songz 4 BET Award Nominations

picture made by me (complex spread)
BET Awards 2010 nominees were announced to day via twitter && also on 106 and Park. Trey Songz has 4 nominations ; twice in 'Best Collaboration' for Successful with Drake && Say Aah with Fabolous ; 'Viewers Choice' also for his single Say Aah with Fabolous && also 'Best Male Artist' along with Chris Brown , Maxwell , Usher and Raheem DeVaughn. I have been a Trey Songz fan since he came into the game as an underdog in 2005 and eventhough he has been out for 5 years , Trey Songz has just became a 'household name' since the release of his 3rd album READY , he is EVERYWHERE. Being that I have been a fan since '05 I am so proud to see that Trey is finally getting the recognition he deserves, it's long over due.
I feel that Trey is taking him ALL 3 of the catergories that he is in. Out of all the categories I would really love to see him win 'Best Male Artist' because Out of all of the nominees in this category he has worked the hardest this year. 2009 -2010 has been a great for Trey Songz. His Album Ready went Gold , the single Say Aah went Platinum , 5 top 10's, he had a small acting role in the movie Preachers Kids, had an MTV Unplugged Episode, he was on the second half of Jay-Z's BP3 tour. Also Trey has dropped several covers to popular songs out right now by other artist && there is still more to come. (so excited for his next album ; which is set to drop this September) Love Him or Hate Him Trey Songz is a big deal right now (has always been a big deal in my book!) Trey Songz being nominated is amazing in itself , but I know he is taking something home on June 27th :)
sidenote // he is also performing at this years BET Awards.

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