Monday, June 28, 2010

Trey Songz wins 2010 BET Award for 'Best Male R&B Artist'

I must admit this was my favorite part of the award show. I am sue you asking why , so I am going to tell you. As the whole world knows I have been a fan since 2005, I have seen the journey Trey Songz has gone through to get where he is right now, I have seen him nominated for awards (that he deserved) and did not end up wining, but I knew when he was nominated for 4 BET awards there was no way he would go home empty handed. My reaction to Trey winning was crazy , you would have thought that I won the award, I couldnt speak ; I actual cried. In that moment I was like FINALLY ! It's about time that Trey is getting the recognition he deserves. It has been a long time comin' but he is here to stay.


  • Trey's 10 part docu-series called My Moment has started, it documents his time on the BP3 tour and also the making of his 4th album. Make sure you all tune in Tuesday's at 10 pm on BET.
  • Trey Songz 4th album Passion ; Pain ; Pleasure is set to drop September 14, 2010
  • He will also be on tour with Monica later this summer.

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